Light is essential to life and well being. It can change the mood and perceived size of a room. Without light, there would be no colour. Lighting is such a key element of any design scheme and yet, is often overlooked.

It is my belief that lighting should be not only functional but also fun, clever, sophisticated, almost mysterious...

Let me introduce you to Graypants Lighting, a company formed by a team of problem solving architects bridging the gap between art and design. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, they launched their flagship lighting series Scraplights, handcrafted from recycled cardboard. Tough and elegant, they provide warm, intimate and functional lighting for any occasion or space.

Each light is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive. All Scraplights are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. From Moon, to Disc, Olive and Hive, they feature quirky forms and will create a really mystical atmosphere in your living or working space.

interior design light.jpg

As I am able to source a wide variety of products on request (including local artist Tom Raffield, Spanish lighting company LZF), please contact me to discuss your lighting needs