As far as furniture is concerned, I wanted to bring you the best I could find. I want to install beautifully crafted pieces with a soul, produced from sustainable forests, with a top quality finish...

Artisan, a Bosnian company which has simply emerged from a traditional woodwork shop, specialises in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, and this insistence on manual, artisan work is what sets them apart.

Initially acquiring their experiences by producing furniture for Dutch and British designers, they have, over the past decade, started their very own first collection in collaboration with regional designers.

I am very excited to present you with Artisan beautiful furniture... each piece is not just a functional item, but a true work of art bringing undeniable style and expert design to your home...


artisan devon.jpg

For furniture with a sustainable ethos and modern twist, I shall also be bringing to Devon the first bio plastic chair being the first on the market to feature a 100 per cent bioplastic seat.... Watch this space!

artisan home naturally.jpg