Happy New Year! May it be a Wabi Sabi one...

A what?? As the cold weather is triggering off a desire to hibernate, what better time to turn to our homes for some good old cocooning! I don’t know about you but here at Home naturally, we love our Scandi style, soft pastels, and simple clean lines with plenty of texture all around which will no doubt come and cheer up the dark evenings ahead… Trends come and go but well being shouldn’t and so as is usual at the beginning of a new year, let’s look back on what interior designers have been dipping into to make us feel better…

Back in 2017, we embraced the Danish concept of Hygge, or seizing the moment, whatever the weather, preferably with friends, family and a beloved pair of pyjamas (although not in your local coffee shop please thank you!) The Danish (who are amongst the happiest people on the planet according to research conducted by the Happiness Research Institute may I remind you?) do now how to embrace winter beautifully and will definitely not let below 0 temperatures or several feet of snow deter them from gathering for a heart warming coffee and pastry… pastry? Did you say pastry? Then of course I am in with the Hygg-ist! (French lady talking here remember?)

!n 2018, the Swedish concept of Lagom (referring to not too much, not too little) gave us a push towards de-cluttering our living spaces to keep the essential and live in moderation. Lagom is all about functional living and a search for a certain life balance in which we do not hang on to unnecessary clutter overcrowding our space and mind….

We were also delighted to discover the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi.. Wabi Sabi (and no, before you ask, I have not just made this one up, thank you!) which dates back to the 15th century and is about a certain rustic simplicity, about embracing the beauty of imperfections becoming visible with age. It is all about refreshing irregularities, about taking impermanence on board. We believe Wabi Sabi is going to be big this year as well and as a holistic design practice with a focus on sustainability and biophilia, we are jumping for joy!

Wabi Sabi encourages us to rely on natural materials. It is about sticking with simple layouts in our interiors and about functionality. From wood and terracotta to fresh plants, Wabi Sabi is about going for authenticity, about looking for a piece with a story, even better, a history… So on your next travel, your next day out, your next walk, take the time to look for that really weather battered old wooden barn door, for that chipped paint along a Spanish square wall. Stop and think to see how it makes you feel… Can you imagine the story behind it? Can you visualise what might have happened to it? Things do not need to be perfect to be beautifull… Till next time!